1. Us, We, our refers to Traralgon Holiday Centre Pty. Ltd. ACN 644 553 631, ABN 90 644 553 631, IATA Accreditation Number 02366210.

2. You, your refers to you the customer, client.

3. Supplier, suppliers refers to any airline, cruise line, accommodation provider, rail, bus, car or tour company also any wholesaler, insurance agency or provider that we may contract to provide services to you.

4. We act as an agent only, to book supplier services for you and the terms and conditions along with any conditions of carriage or product disclosure statement or financial services guide of the supplier also applies in conjunction with these terms and conditions.

5. A booking is constituted by making any booking in writing, over the phone or internet.

6. We will issue with a tax invoice at the time of booking, which will contain details of each sector, total amounts payable by a due date, and any deposit amounts applicable.

7. Failure to pay the deposit by you will result in the booking being cancelled without further notice.

8. Most deposits are non-refundable, and information about this will be provided on your invoice.

9. Should these terms and conditions contradict a supplier’s terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the supplier will prevail.

10. As we only act as an agent, all monies received by us, are forwarded to each supplier as required, on the same business day, or following business day if the funds are received on a weekend, or gazetted public holiday.

11. We reserve the right to pass onto you, any fees, charges, or price increases that may occur from time to time as directed by a supplier.

12. We have the right to charge you a fee should you need to charge, or travel plans in addition to any supplier fees charged.

13. At the time of booking, we may request from your personal identifying documentation such as a passport, for the purposes of facilitating a booking with a supplier, and this document will only be used for that purpose.  Failure to provide any documentation required, my result in bookings being cancelled or not being made, with penalties charged by suppliers being forwarded to you.

14. Most suppliers charge change and cancellation fees, and have strict policies around name changes, and may charge a fee if your name is spelt incorrectly on any document, it is your responsibility to check that your name matches exactly with your passport or other government issued id.

15. We will not be held responsible if any supplier denies you boarding or carriage for any reason, not limited to incorrect name, incorrect documents including visas, and we can not be held liable financially for any loss occurred by you.

16. We will endeavor to contact you regarding any schedule changes and reissue your documents as soon as we are aware of the change.  However, you should also endeavor to check details contained in any tickets at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time shown in the documentation.

17. We along with any supplier will not be held responsible for any changes in itinerary beyond our control, through weather event, act of God, global epidemic, or pandemic.

18. Should any part of your trip be interrupted by a global event, including a medical epidemic or pandemic, we will offer you compensation that is given by the supplier, be it a full refund or credit voucher, and we will be guided by the supplier in what we can offer.

19. We accept credit card as a form of payment, subject to additional fees with are included on your invoice.

20. Should we issue your ticket under our IATA number, a number of international treaties and conventions may be applicable.  Please see iatatravelcenter.com for more information.

21. As we act as an agent, we may receive a monetary benefit from a supplier for booking you with them.

22. These terms and conditions are enforceable within the Commonwealth of Australia.

23. These terms and conditions are governed by the legislation in the State of Victoria, Australia.